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Bmw Genuine Wheel Center Caps 68 Mm, A Set Of 4 Pieces

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Genuine Wheel Center Caps 68 Mm
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If you look on the web, it is much easier to get better bargains on various merchandise. Do you feel like some sort of hub caps freak? Clearly Show it with a Brand New Genuine Wheel Center . This item is somewhat popular! It well received consequently it is seeing good sales online. is being One of the several key attributes for these center caps is the 3 series from 1992 to 2005 ( e36 and e46 ). Other features consist of it fits x5 from 1999 and on and z3 from 1995 to 2002. The center cap weighs approximately 0.25 lbs. genuine wheel center . Should you need a great deal for this center cap, click on our affilate button on this site.


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Package Quantity: 1

New Original BMW Wheel Center Caps, a set of 4 pieces. Coupe 330Ci) 3. Digital picture of wheel (to identify the wheel style) Please keep in mind that if you have non-original wheels, this cap may possibly not fit. The compatibility is determined by the wheel style and diameter. Please get in touch with us or double check the diameter in the event you are not sure. If you are not sure, please send us the following information. Year 2. This package will incorporate 4 caps. Body type and Model (ex. Wheel diameter 4. We will use it to find the appropriate cap for you. The cap is 2 11/16"or 68 mm in diameter. 1.


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